Wema Sepetu Chased Out of The House By Landlord.

Reportedly Wema Sepetu has been chased out of  the house she rented for almost four years at Makumbusho in Dar es salaam by the landlord. According to reports that happened after news broke two weeks ago Wema was using electricity and water illegally. TANESCO found Wema’s electric meter set and reading wrongly for a long time and Wema was required to pay Tanzanian shillings 8.2 million but she didn’t pay so the landlord decided to pay the amount and chased Wema out of his house.

Although, almost fours year ago Wema invited media and said she bought the house but later on it was discovered she didn’t buy it after children of the landlord rejected to sell the house.

Globalpublishers paparazzi tried to reach Wema Sepetu for a comment but it was unsuccessful, however, Petitman who is her employee when asked about it he agreed Wema is no longer living at Makumbusho claming she has bought new house at Mbezi Beach and will start living there soon. See pics below……


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