Wema Sepetu And Idris Split.

Hot buzz in town is Wema and Idris Sultan have parted ways. According to reports the two broke up even before  The Black Tie event organized by Wema last weekend.  Globapublishers further reveals that it is Idris who dumped the former Miss Tanzania and actress. Wema was unreachable to give a details about breaking up with Idris.

But when Idris asked about it he confirmed dumping Wema by saying “I showed up to the party ‘The Black Tie’ because their company is still new and they advertised I will be there, What people would have thought ?, I didn’t want to ruin their show but I have separated with her and now I have other businesses” said Idris.

It is also said that Wema keep posting about Idris so that people don’t discover they are no longer together but Idris has no time with Wema, he is fed up.

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