Ashley Toto challenge Jackline Wolper on Harmonize

Is Harmonize long time girlfriend Jackline Wolper booking a ticket to Europe after the sexy Diaspora Award winner Ashley Toto have laid her eyes on her boo?

The sexy Mombasa girl, who is living permanently in Germany, has publicly promised that Harmonize will never go back to Jackline Wolper after he get the “taste of Mombasa”.

This must be a big threat for Jackline Wolper, and can cause her to join her baby boo Harmonize on his Europa Tour – particularly in Denmark, were Ashley Toto will be the party appearance, and probably be very close to the handsome artist.

Danish African society seems to enjoy the drama, because Wolper is the star every one dream to meet. The 22/04-2017 will be the day to meet the big stars. Maybe drama queen Ashley will win this showdown. If so, Swahili Talk radio will be there to make sure no news are missed.






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